Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Cat sick

Tues pm

"Mum the cat's been sick how do I clean it up, I've never cleaned up cat sick ?" says 'It's all about me'!

"Well firstly you throw the cat out before she does anymore! Then you take some tissue scoop it up and then get out the carpet cleaner."

To younger brother (affectionately known has mouth boy- see Fierce Creatures) "Chris get some tissue, bag, etc.....................

Welcome to the real world!

"Mum can you sew the badges on my scout shirt" says 'It's all about me'

"Why have you lost the use of your arms!"

She's looking at me as though I have just dropped off the bottom of her shoe. Note to self count to 10, breathe slowly!

"No I can't do it"

"No such thing as can't do it"

"Mum will you thread the needle"

"Okay give it here"

So I start her off with the sewing

Wed am

List of things to do:-

1 Sew on scout badges!
2 Enquire about anger management courses

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girl with the mask said...

I am not a teenager anymore, but you bet your ass it is still All About ME!