Tuesday, 13 May 2008


13 year old daughter, 'its all about me' do they know the world does't revolve around them! The threat of the school nurse did the trick! Despite feeling sick she is still managing to empty the fridge and cupboards of anything vaguely edible! What happenend to that sweet girl? Someone stole her away one night and replaced her with a sullen, surly teenager! The joys of motherhood, throw hormones and a younger brother into the equation and home is a constant battleground oh joy of joy!


Frog in the Field said...

Ahh..you must be talking about MY teenage daughter...13 is a scary, scary time for parents.
Does yours wear eyeliner and play loud music constantly too?

sunnyspotonahill said...

Oh my god! She has got a doppleganger! Has she got a bedroom that looks like it has been burgled!

Frog in the Field said...

Good Lord no!
It's far worse than that!